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Make a choice, take a chance, love stronger
and live moment by moment by God's Grace!

What will you do different today??

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Who Am I again?

Something I've learned...
In life, we tend to get comfortable with the "same ole' same ole' " routine. This, to certain extents, can be quite easy to do. But, somewhere along the way we can lose our identity as a Woman and simply become "Lucy's Mom" or "Bill's Wife." The first year or so of marriage or parenting, those phrases are cute and exciting! Then after a while, it's a repetitive thing and you notice that even YOU are labeling yourself that way. For example, it's 'Meet the Teacher' day and everyone is so excited. It's a new opportunity to meet other people and expand your child's social skills. The teacher walks up to you and introduces herself, while you say, "Oh Hi, it's nice to meet you Mrs. Jones, I'm Lucy's Mom."
Wait---what? You don't have a name anymore? Ohhhhh yes ma'am you do! Don't get me wrong...there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being "Lucy's Mom" or "Bill's Wife." But, saying, "Hi there, my name is CINDY, I'm Lucy's Mom!" or "It's so nice to finally meet you, I'm CINDY, Bill's wife," sounds so much more like you are an actual human being, a living person, somebody in this world.
Getting married or having children doesn't replace who you are. It simply adds to it. Take a flower arrangement for don't just buy flowers and glue the stems to the table. You buy a vase first...then ADD to the vase flowers. Think of yourself as the vase. The flowers are all the details in your life that the Lord blesses you with! Flowers need a vase in order to stand. But most importantly, they need water (The Lord) to live... let Him fill up your life, so that you can be a living vessel for your details in life!
And remember...YOU are somebody!

God Bless You..

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