This is the Day the Lord Has Made!

Don't put off until tomorrow, what He's asking of you today! Every day is made NEW!
Make a choice, take a chance, love stronger
and live moment by moment by God's Grace!

What will you do different today??

Friday, September 2, 2011

More of You, Lord....

The best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup. Right? Wrong.
Although coffee can be, in many ways, fulfilling to a drowsy person, I'm a firm believer of waking up with the Lord on your mind. It's joyous, and brings about a humbling morning experience. But, while I've got you thinking about coffee AND Jesus, let's compare the two. 
Very thought of coffee can get you out of bed

Coffee can wake your senses when you're tired & weak.

It's usually the first thing you do, drink coffee, in the morning.
Becomes a habit or comfort.

Requires money.

You have something worth living for, to get you out of bed.              
Come now, those who are weak and heavy laiden, I will be
your rest. Learning to cast your cares upon the Lord shows
you're dependent upon Him. You need Him. Without realizing
it, you have humbled yourself to the Lord and He can bless you.

Reading the Word first thing in the morning slowly starts to damage 
your carnal mind, making it more spiritual, which will protect your
negative thoughts/emotions from quick responses. Practicing this
on a day to day basis will further result in a spirit led walk with the

Requires your life. (For whosoever will lose their life for my 
sake, shall find it.) Making good choices, practicing His word,
being a good example, not partaking worldy pleasures. Who
wouldn't naturally want to do good?

And I'm sure there are many more examples...Can you think of any??

Just some of these were on my mind today. Worldy pleasures (yes, coffee can be considered a worldly pleasure....and yes, I am a coffee drinker...haha) over Godly principals. It's actually kind of fun to relate your spiritual walk with natural things and see what you come up with. You can always find the Lord if you are seeking for Him, in anything you do.
Lately, at church we have heard an analogy of purification told like this..
How do you get the bad stuff out of a glass of water? Just keep filling it up with water until it has washed the bad out itself.
To get rid of the "bad" (carnal thoughts, actions) we must continually be cleansed by the washing of His word until we have allowed His Spirit to flow through us, where all we long to do is please Him and do what's right.

We can never have too much of His wonderful love. I thank Him for His grace and mercy in my life.

More of you, Lord...that's what I want.



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