This is the Day the Lord Has Made!

Don't put off until tomorrow, what He's asking of you today! Every day is made NEW!
Make a choice, take a chance, love stronger
and live moment by moment by God's Grace!

What will you do different today??

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Beginning!

I am so glad the Lord makes each day NEW! The mistakes of today, the regrets of yesterday, the longing to start over tomorrow...It's wonderful to know the Lord casts our sins as far as the east is to the west. The Joy of knowing He loves me even though I wasn't my best today..or I didn't play the right hand that was dealt to me is really what keeps me going. I can feel His pull in my life. He wants me to serve Him more each day. Thriving on today's decisions, good or bad, the what if's that haunt us when we lay our head at night, and the "planning" of the next day (that we aren't promised) can keep us from fully comprehending His purpose for us, or even just a simple blessing we may have missed because we were too busy focusing on 'ourselves' and what 'we' did or didn't do. He is so merciful, and I am so unworthy. Yet, He loves me.

I couldn't help but keep singing a song today that has a true living meaning that relates to everyday. It's called, "Here I am, Lord."
Really, all we have to do is let Him know we are here, we surrender all. YOUR will Lord, not mine. And let Him live through help you overcome this world and all the fleshly desires that can be so infectious.
He touched me, healed my mind, gave me a vision, and gave me a chance! PLUS, He forgives and forgives and shows mercy and shows mercy and by His grace alone, here I am Lord.

I want to live for Him MORE each day. Give a little more, take all I can get and grow in love and truth! The best part is that He can help me with it! And though you and I may fail, His mercy endures forever and we can start over.

Everyday is made New....Everyday is a New Beginning. Never give up!

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